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D.Wolf Brands is a Brand Management & Parent Company; Based in Omaha, Nebraska but launching & supporting companies with unlimited reach.

"Brands that inspire through Creativity & Fun!"


Our mission is to launch and grow brands that deliver creativity and fun to consumers and solutions for clients while reaching a profitability level that allows for giving back to our communities.

Our Values

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Core values help guide an organization in everything they do; these driving forces propel a company’s goals and act as the heart of what a company & its employees stand for. We believe deeply in the values we have selected to illuminate our future. Select a value above to learn more about it.

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Enthusiasm & Passion for the Brands We Launch and the Products & Services They Provide.

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Unending Desire for Excellent Quality in our Products & Services.

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Committed to the Growth and Prosperity of Our Brands & Their Clients, as well as Our Employees & Our Communities.

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Creative, Imaginative, & Innovative Brands, Products, & Solutions.

Passion    •    Quality    •    Commitment    •    Creativity    •    Fun

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Fostering an Engaged, Fun, & Productive Environment That Results in Better Brands & Quality Products.


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Equal parts consulting and marketing, add a heap of graphic design, with a dash of fun and creativity – the recipe for D.Wolf Brands’ success. We’re excited to grow our brands, help our partners succeed, and help our communities grow.

How We Serve Our Brands

How We Serve Our Partners

How We Serve Our Employees & Communities

From the Founder

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn more about D.Wolf Brands. I hope you came away with knowledge of our goals and services and a passion for our mission. If you need any follow-up information, feel free to contact us.

I started this company to house multiple endeavors, as you can learn on my personal site – dfowler.design – I grew up excited about graphic design and marketing, but those were only a couple of my interests. I was also interested in business development and all the possibilities of building something great. Often told to choose a singular career, I decided to follow my own path and do what I thought was right for myself and those I wanted to help.

What D.Wolf Brands means to me is freedom and endless possibilities. Building on a foundation of art and creativity, DWB can also be more by branching out into other areas. It also means the ability to give back and help our communities. That is the end goal, building and using our strengths in multiple endeavors and investments to position ourselves to give back and strengthen those around us.

I’m excited to see what the future holds and what form our ventures take. I’m also excited to have you along for the ride with us!

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Damian Fowler
Founder & CEO

→ dfowler.design

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