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These policies last reviewed January 2021
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The following are the general terms that govern your use of our websites, services, & products. These policies are in place to protect these systems' integrity, protect you, the user, and ensure all services & products are operating correctly.

1. Agreement

Your use of our websites, services, products & other communications channels is dependent on your agreement to the policies outlined on this page. If you cannot agree with these policies, you must cease use immediately.

Please note that clients who engage in additional services may be offered a contract containing other terms. The terms presented in the agreement may invalidate or override the policies presented here.

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2. Disclaimer

Our family of websites & services are presented "as is"; we make every effort to ensure they are updated & secure and run successfully on up-to-date operating systems and browsers. However, due to the continually evolving nature of the internet, some outages or disruptions to normal operations may occur.

You should ensure that your systems are up-to-date and that you are not misusing our services. If damage or data loss should occur, we cannot be held responsible.

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3. License of Use

The text, images, & information presented across the websites, services, & products are our intellectual property and are protected under copyright and other intellectual property law unless otherwise noted. This information may not be downloaded, copied, stored, or otherwise used without prior permission or where permission is implied (e.g., Using data from a press release).

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4. Links & Third-Party Content

Our websites, services, or products may, at times, include hyperlinks to off-site content. We have no control over those sites or the content they display. These sites will have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and we encourage you to review the policies of any site you visit.

Some of our services or products may display advertising from third-parties. While we attempt to team up with only the best advertising partners, we cannot review every piece they show. We cannot guarantee that these advertisements are free from malicious software or that they will not otherwise cause damage or data loss; if this should occur, you should contact the advertising partner that served the ad.

In some cases, such as a blog or social media publication, we may feature facts, views, opinions, or recommendations from others. We endeavor to verify all information we present but cannot guarantee the information from third-parties will not contain omissions or inaccuracies. Unless otherwise noted, we do not endorse views or opinions offered by third-parties.

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5. User-Generated Content

Some websites, services, or products may allow you to submit content, including comments; you are responsible for any content you choose to share. When submitting content, you attest that you have the legal right to disseminate said content and are not violating another's copyright.

Once posted as part of our service or product, user-generated content becomes our intellectual property, which can be used in, but not limited to, advertising or marketing. We may display, distribute, reproduce, modify, translate, edit, or create derivative works based on the content. The result may include your name, photo, or other information included with the content.

You agree not to post content that is vulgar, hateful, threatening, or illegal. Your content may not interfere with others' use or enjoyment of the services & products.

Where available, we will give you access to remove content you have contributed. We may also remove or edit your content due to policy or legal violation.

Websites, services, & products that allow you to submit content may include additional rules or guidelines. You should review these page(s) before contributing.

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6. Restricted Content

Some content may require a login I.D. & password to access; you agree to keep login information confidential & you attest that you accurately represented yourself or your organization when you requested to be issued login credentials.

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7. Governing Law

This agreement, all intellectual property issues, and your rights and obligations shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the state of Nebraska. Any action or matter arising from this agreement, our services, or products will be brought before the federal or state courts located in Omaha, Nebraska, and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of such courts. You agree to be responsible for any damages resulting from your breach of this agreement and reimburse us for all costs, expenses, and fees arising from or related to your breach.

If a legal claim against us arises connected with our products or services, it should not exceed the amount, if any, you paid for the use of the product or service.

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8. Updates to These Terms

It may be necessary to update or modify these policies from time to time when we release new services & products or new laws are enacted. When updating the policies, we will make an effort to notify you; however, we encourage you to review them occasionally. Your continued use of our websites, services, & products is in agreement with the updated terms & policies.

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9. Contact Us & DMCA

For general inquiries, please contact us at info@dwolfbrands.com – for privacy requests or questions about this policy, please contact us at privacy@dwolfbrands.com or legal@dwolfbrands.com.

If you believe your work has been presented or otherwise used in a way that violates your copyright, please notify us by supplying the required information as outlined by the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512 to legal@dwolfbrands.com.

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