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These policies last reviewed January 2021
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At D.Wolf Brands, we support the ongoing efforts to create greater transparency regarding what personal data is collected on the internet and how companies use that data. To that end, we have created the following Privacy Policy outlining what type of data we collect, how we use that data, how we protect it, & your choices regarding your information.

1. Agreement

Your use of our websites, services, products & other communications channels is dependent on your agreement to the policies outlined on this page. While there are some user options (see: Opt-Out), other sections are integral to the proper function of the services mentioned above. If you cannot agree with these policies, you must cease use immediately.

Please note that clients who engage in additional services may be offered a contract containing other terms. The terms presented in the agreement may invalidate or override the policies presented here.

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2. Types of Data We Collect

When you visit one of our websites or use a service or product, we may collect data for many reasons, including ensuring all functions are operating correctly. We've included details of our data collection below.

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2A. Accounts & Profiles

When you create an account, you may enter information, including your name, organization, or contact details. We keep track of this information as well as any preferences you have set for your account.

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2B. Payment Information

You may be asked to provide payment & billing details for paid services or products. We may collect this information through a secure payment processing service, and we may also store this information in your profile for future billings.

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2C. Other Volunteered Information

When using our websites, services, or products, you may occasionally volunteer additional information or content such as comments on our social media & blog channels or when you participate in any interactive features, surveys, contests, promotions, or other events.

Additionally, when contacting us for support or an inquiry, you may be asked to provide information such as your contact details, screenshots, a description of the issue or question, & any other details that may help us reply.

You should always consider carefully the information you decide to provide online.

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2D. Device & Connection

We collect information about the device you use to access our websites, services, or products, including details about your connection type. We also collect data about your operating system, browser type & settings, I.P. address, and URLs of entry & exit pages. We may use your I.P. address to approximate your location.

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2E. Use of the Services

We will also collect data about how you use our websites, services, & products, such as how you navigate, the content you download, & how you interact with others while using the website or product.

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2F. Third-Parties

Third-party services connected to our websites, services, & products may supply information about you that you have given to them. For example, when you link a Google or social media account to one of our services, we will receive information such as your name and location. These services will give you options on how much data you wish to share. These services have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which govern your use of these connections to them, not our policies.

Furthermore, other users or your organization may supply information such as contact details to forward data or an invitation to join a service or product.

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2G. Partners

We may receive information about you from our family of websites, services, or products to ensure proper functionality. Others, such as advertising & marketing partners, may supply us with information like your engagement level with advertisements & products.

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3. How We Use Your Information

Primarily we use your information to ensure the proper functionality of our websites, services, & products. Below are details on how we may use your data. We will also use information about you where you have permitted us to do so for specific purposes that may not be listed below.

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3A. Accounts & Personalization

Your accounts will display & store the personal information you have provided, such as your name, payment details, and other profile details. Your account credentials will also be used to authenticate you when you log in or interact with our websites, services, & products. Once established, we will also monitor your account and any content you provide for violations of our policies and terms.

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3B. Required Communication

We will use your contact details to communicate with you regarding transactions, purchases, customer service requests, account & subscription details. Also, where required by the services or products, such as when you request content.

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3C. Promotional Communication

We may use your contact details & information on how you use our services & products to send you promotional emails about new products, new features, newsletters, product offers, promotions & events we think would be interesting to you.

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3D. Research & Development

The information we collect while you use our services or products in companion with information you provide through feedback and customer service requests is used to improve our family of websites, services, & products. We use this information to push updates that make our offerings more useful & secure.

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3E. Legal Requirements

Where required to protect our business interests, our legal rights, or when in violation of other laws, we may use your information in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, and audit functions, and disclosures connected with the acquisition, merger, or sale of business.

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4. Sharing of Your Information

Our family of websites may share information about you across platforms when necessary for proper functionality. We may work with third-parties for hosting, development, sales, technical, or account services; it may be required to share some information you have provided with these partners.

At no time will we sell the information that we have collected. You are advised to be cautious about what information you share on the internet. Comments, contributions, & account details may be visible even after you deactivate an account.

When necessary, the information we have collected may be shared to comply with legal or other regulatory demands.

Where data transfers are required, we take steps to protect & safeguard your information.

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5. Cookies

We use cookies and similar technologies to improve and customize our websites, services, and products. To view our full policy, navigate to our Cookie Policy page.

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6. Storage & Protection of Your Information

We use data hosting services located in the United States to store the information we collect. We implement safeguards designed to protect your information and take this responsibility seriously. However, no system is 100% foolproof, and we cannot guarantee it will never be breached.

We store information for as long as is necessary. Once the data is no longer needed, it is purged from our records and systems whenever possible. If the data has migrated to a backup archive, it will be securely stored and isolated not to be used.

Some information, such as account details, are stored for a reasonable period after the account has been deactivated in the case you wish to reactivate the services or product. If your organization controls the account, we will retain the information until they choose to deactivate it.

Marketing preferences and information derived from cookies are stored for a reasonable period after you last expressed interest in our services or products, such as opening an email.

Client records, such as those signed on for I.T., design, marketing, consultation, or other such services we may offer, can be kept for up to ten years to comply with records or legal requests

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7. Your Choices & Opt-Out

You have the right to request a copy of your information and opt-out of data collection where it is not essential to the services or products' operations.

In limited cases, we may not delete or supply information where doing so would violate another individual's rights or where we have a compelling legal reason to keep said information.

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7A. Account Settings

Our websites, services, & products requiring a login will have settings available to you to select your preferences or deactivate your account. If your organization controls your account, you may need to contact them first. Deactivating your account may not delete your information; see "Storage & Protection of Your Information" above.

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7B. Information Requests

By emailing us at privacy@dwolfbrands.com – you may request a copy of your information or request that we delete your data. In some cases, we will need to retain some information to comply with records, legal, or other regulatory requests.

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7C. Revoke Permissions

Where you have previously permitted us to use your information, you may contact us to revoke these permissions. Removing these permissions will not affect any processing that has already occurred. If your request requires investigation, we will suspend any use of your information until a decision can be reached.

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7D. Communications Opt-Out

Non-account or processing emails will contain an 'unsubscribe' link; clicking this will remove you from non-essential emails. Similarly, any SMS or text message communication will allow you to text "opt-out" or "stop" to end communications. You cannot opt-out of required communications such as those pertaining to account activity.

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7E. "Do Not Track"

You may set your browser to send "Do Not Track" signals to our websites or any website on the internet. For details, see your browser settings. More information can also be found on our full Cookie Policy page.

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8. Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from children under 16 years of age. If a child visits one of our websites or uses one of our services or products, we may collect information such as connection type, device details or track how they navigate. If a child has created an account or shared personal data, that data is removed from our systems and is not used. If you think a child has shared such information with us, please contact us at privacy@dwolfbrands.com.

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9. Governing Law

This agreement, all intellectual property issues, and your rights and obligations shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the state of Nebraska. Any action or matter arising from this agreement, our services, or products will be brought before the federal or state courts located in Omaha, Nebraska, and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of such courts. You agree to be responsible for any damages resulting from your breach of this agreement and reimburse us for all costs, expenses, and fees arising from or related to your breach.

If a legal claim against us arises connected with our products or services, it should not exceed the amount, if any, you paid for the use of the product or service.

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10. Updates to These Terms

It may be necessary to update or modify these policies from time to time when we release new services & products or new laws are enacted. When updating the policies, we will make an effort to notify you; however, we encourage you to review them occasionally. Your continued use of our websites, services, & products is in agreement with the updated terms & policies.

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11. Contact Us

For general inquiries, please contact us at info@dwolfbrands.com – for privacy requests or questions about this policy, please contact us at privacy@dwolfbrands.com or legal@dwolfbrands.com.

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